Process ICT is made up of a small and carefully selected team of experts with varied business backgrounds. Our experience as a team includes process improvement, appraisal leaders, auditing, marketing, project management, procurement, software development, sales, administration, accounts and customer service. We believe that this collection of skills gives us a well rounded and insightful approach to helping organisations from any industry achieve their potential in the most efficient way.

Industries we’ve worked in:

  • Defence
  • Leisure
  • Services
  • Software
  • Aerospace
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Ecommerce/retail

The beauty of our approach is that we can apply our method to any industry. Although no two organisations are the same, the principles of our approach can be manipulated to suit all businesses. We take our experience and use that to really get to know your organisation and it’s ‘way’ and objectives. We research your industry, your position in it and others around you as well as identifying emerging trends and technologies to help create realistic and achievable objectives based around your needs. We help you put in to place the foundations of support that increased product or service demand will require. We help you to document processes for improved clarity and standardisation, also to improve staff training. We can assist you in collecting and analysing data to help identify trends, make informed decisions and forecast. We can help you prepare for audits, not just to pass, but to make the most of the standard you are following to increase benefits.

However your business wants to improve, we can help.