What is CMMI?

What is CMMI

Many people ask us, What is CMMI?

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is a Model that outlines a series of Processes that businesses can adopt in order become more efficient, productive and profitable.

The CMMI Model covers all areas of a business set up, from how you decide on what services you offer to how you are going to develop a product you provide to your customers. CMMI helps to ensure that you deliver your product or service to the highest standard and with a healthy profit margin. It helps you to set standards across your business so that your staff are constantly working to the same guidelines and, therefore, reaching the levels of service you would like your clients to receive.

The way CMMI works is that it sets out processes for companies to adopt. It helps structure and formalise areas like decision making, service development, supplier engagement and more. By putting these structured processes in to place a business can work more efficiently and can then realise benefits like increased profit margins, reduced waste, more efficient staff and higher customer satisfaction.

There are two ways in which a company can begin to adopt the CMMI Model, through Training and Appraisals. The most successful CMMI companies adopt both methods to ensure a higher level of success.