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See where your company ranks in your industry with our free business checklists

The Process ICT Team have developed a series of helpful checklists for businesses to use free of charge to help identify strengths, weaknesses and any areas for improvement. When you have submitted your questionnaire to us we will collate your results and perform a  status report highlighting key areas for improvement and tell you where your company sits in comparison to others in your industry.

Over the next three weeks we will be focusing on ‘Supplier Management‘.

Supplier management covers all of the products and services supplied to you in order for you to deliver your services. This is often an area that is over looked when looking at processes because the main focus always seems to be on generating sales and increasing profits that way. If you start to consider the money your company is spending you will see that by putting in to place better supplier management processes, you can also cut unnecessary costs whilst also improving the quality of the products and services you are offering to your clients.

Our free checklist helps identify areas you should be considering and the processes you can be putting in to place in order to help select and manage suppliers more efficiently.  

Once you have filled out your free business checklist, we can identify areas of improvement and help put the processes in to place so that your supplier management processes are saving you money and improving the services you can offer to your customers.

In order to achieve the best results we recommend 2-3 people from your company fill out the questionnaire. They should be from different roles within the company and all answers should be completed as honestly as possible.

You can download the Supplier Management Questionnaire here. Supplier Management Checklist

Once it has been completed please send it to: Our Business Development Team