Our CMMI Services

CMMI Services

Process ICT CMMI Services

Process ICT offer the following CMMI Services,  Training, Appraisals and Process Support to help improve our client’s processes.


CMMI Appraisals

We can conduct official certified CMMI Appraisals to provide you with Maturity or Capability Level ratings for all Levels. These can be single or multi model SCAMPI A, B or C class appraisals.
We can also provide non certified CMMI appraisals without the extra cost of certification, providing you with benchmarking results against the CMMI models.

CMMI Training

We can provide all the CMMI certified v1.3 training courses (please see CMMI Courses) and also customised courses including enhanced process development for onsite delivery.

Process Support

We can provide training and support to help deliver your process improvement infrastructure, providing facilitated means to take the results of the appraisal and improve your working practices.