Common Business Problems – #1 Skill Management (Video)

Common Business Problems – #1 Skill Management (Video)

We speak to so many small businesses who have the same common problems. This blog post is about one of the most common issues our clients face – Skill Management.

The scenario is often the same, a single entrepreneur has started up a business based on what they know, what they’re good at and what they enjoy. To start off with that person does all of the company promotion, the service delivery, the accounts, even the cleaning and tea making, they have to, they can’t spend money on others doing tasks when they don’t know if the business is going to be a success.

To get off the ground the entrepreneur takes on jobs, any jobs, they will fit in to a criteria but that criteria pool can become quite large. Business grows but the problem is the time to fulfill the business tasks doesn’t. You spread yourself thinner and thinner until there just aren’t enough hours in the day and you lose sight of where you started and which direction you wanted to go in in the first place. You could possibly employ someone to help lighten the load, but who do you get in to help and will they do as good a job, after all – no one knows your business like you.

Sound familiar?

With process improvement lightening the load can be easy. We help look at your business and prioritise areas where you can afford to get in help, get the right help and standardise your processes so that your business still performs as it used to and even better. We can also help you make your goals clear again and identify areas for growth and areas of waste to help you run more efficiently.

So if you would like to work on your business, not in it and get back to doing what you love, please contact us for a chat. We’d love to help.

Jeunine Crabtree

I have a passion for promoting continual growth and improvement through better understanding of processes. I believe that through process improvement any organisation can take control of their future and reach it’s potential. I have grown my knowledge through working with a variety of clients as well as continual self-development through training.

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