Process Improvement

Process Improvement can cover any area of an organisation. Whether you are a part of a large company or an SME we have the toolset to help you identify any areas of weakness and opportunities to improve. Depending on the scope of your organisation and your objectives for improvement we work with you to produce a process improvement plan.

By using a model called CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) as a framework for our process improvement which has been used by organisations worldwide with huge success, we are able to help companies of any size. Although CMMI has traditionally been used by larger organisations due to licensing fees, training and large scale implementation, we have made using the model accessible to all by being able to adapt it depending on the scope of the organisation we are working with.

As we understand that a lot of companies are more focused on the benefits of process improvement rather than just the certification, we can help companies without the need for formal maturity level status.

Process improvement can cover any area of your organisation and the scope of a project can rely completely on your requirements. Although it is possible to work on processes across a whole organisation, it may not be feasible to do it all at once. We help you look at the key areas for improvement and establish a way of working and build a toolset for working on specific areas, which will also help transfer to other subjects later on in the lifecycle.