Monthly Archives: May 2013

Small Business owners – How to successfully delegate without it costing

If you are the owner of your own company this article will appeal to you. Most of us are familiar with the saying ‘If you want a job done well, do it yourself’ and we are all guilty of acting on that saying especially in our own business. We know why we do it – […]

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Why understanding your client’s buying process is the key to your success

Few people realise that the buying process for a consumer and the buying process for a business are very similar. The most successful consumer facing companies in the world know their market like their own family members and business to business selling should be the same. Obviously it is impossible (or extremely expensive) to really […]

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What is Process Improvement?

The hard part of our business isn’t getting clients to achieve their objectives for process improvement, it’s getting companies to understand that they have a need for process improvement objectives in the first place. So what is process improvement? Process improvement is where you look at how your company does things; how a service goes […]

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