Transform your business and see the benefits within only 8 weeks.

Process improvement is a growing interest to companies large and small as slight changes to working processes can make a huge difference on every area of a business.

Process ICT have developed an 8 week process improvement plan to help organisations adopt process improvement in a manageable and structured way. During the 8 weeks the aim is to identify areas of strength as well as areas for opportunity for improvement and put in place systems to help increase consistency throughout the company.

Through process improvement, the company should realise the following benefits:
• More efficient staff
• Maximisation and forecasting of peaks and troughs in business
• Higher levels of customer satisfaction
• Improved staff training and development
• Better understanding of potential markets and opportunities
• Better relationships with suppliers
• Data backed decision making
• More effective risk

What will be involved in the 8 week plan?
Full process improvement of any organisation will take more than 8 weeks and can seem a daunting task, which is why we offer a short term plan which will highlight and help tackle just the key areas you want to work on. Depending on the scope of your business, we would usually look to tackle one or two key areas over the 8 weeks, making the project manageable and more successful.

Through the 8 weeks we will be able to teach you and your team how to implement process improvements so that once the 8 weeks are up you can carry on the improvements throughout your company and make changes across the board.